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You won't be just moving

You'll be improving your

body, mind & life!


Making a Positive Impact

As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health. As a former NPC bikini competitor I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the training dimension.  If you train hard there is no limits to what you can accomplish. 


Aside from being a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor, I also have several specialty certificates. Most recently I obtained my Nutrition Specialist. I also have certificates in CPR/First Aid for adults and children, Flexology (assisted stretching), Former Zumba, Strong by Zumba instructor and pre/post natal training.  Continued education is very important to me and I hope to add many more certifications in the near future.

When I'm not training I'm a mom to three beautiful children and two fur babies.




I met Dawn in February 2017. When I met her, I had given birth to my second child 8 months prior. Before I met her, as soon as I was cleared to exercise I hit the gym and did the workouts I did to get back into shape with my first child, watched what I ate and thought that I would see similar results. 6 months into my routine I saw very little results, if any. My confidence and self esteem took a hit and I decided to work with a personal trainer to help me and I met Dawn.

Dawn is my saving grace! She is professional, challenging, funny and encouraging. She pushes me to do things I didn't think possible and helped me gain my confidence back. She is easy to get along with as long as you can handle the challenge. I am getting what I wanted and more from her guidance and expertise. She is inspirational and I am grateful to have met her. She helped me achieve my goals and I feel better inside and out.


Where do I even begin?  Dawn has been an amazing, life changing, phenomenal personal trainer that basically pales in comparison to the rest of my body transformation journey experiences.   If it were not for Dawn Mendoza, I would have NOT looked so amazing for my beautiful wedding day 2 years ago back in 2019.  From changing my diet, to making sure I was working out the proper way, and my form was correct, Dawn was with me every step of the way.  Literally, has not left my side.  Even now, as a new mom, Dawn continues to coach me.  My form was NEVER the correct way when I started, and it really did make me feel like "OMG, she actually cares about ME.  Not just as a trainee, but as a true CONFIDANT.  Dawn stood by me, she made sure that I knew the end goal was not only to look good, but to FEEL good.  It was a lifestyle change.  And that is something that Dawn has given me that i will treasure for a lifetime.  


Words cannot simply not describe what Dawn has done for me in my life.  She was not just there for me physically, but was there for me mentally.  When I wanted to give up, she wouldn't let me. When I said I couldn't do it anymore she said to KEEP TRYING.   Nothing made me more proud to see my before and after photo 😍.  That was the most rewarding feeling on this planet!.


So thank you Dawn for changing my life and making sure I know the true definition of what a physically fit,  mentally capable(headstrong), and amazing nutrition life can do for this mom of 1.  I love you and I cannot wait to see you again so we can physically work on getting this mom bod back in the physical shape I was in before having my baby boy~!


Dawn has been training me for 2.5 years. Her workouts are always challenging, diverse, and empowering. Dawn is very in tune to my capabilities and knows how to keep me motivated during our sessions. She never compromises when it comes to proper form and will reduce weight or reps for me rather than risk an injury. Dawn is a total package as a trainer.  She has a whole body approach which includes nutrition, personal training, stretching and accommodating for any previous injuries or limitations. Every session goes by quickly with Dawn's easy going personality and workout flow. I see and feel the results of my hard work under Dawn's expert guidance. She is an inspiring woman and the best trainer I have ever worked with!


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